Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blooming in A Storm

(Photo by Karen Hauck)
We're having a Nor'easter here today. With all the heavy rain and winds that began early this morning, I was surprised to see that a canna had bloomed in the storm. Gusting in the wind, she seemed to be waving to me. "See I made it! I'm blooming!" The funny thing was I thought this plant had seen its last bloom for the season. This waterlogged flower garden is one I dedicated to Mary Magdalene. In the summer that patch blooms with daisies, irises, zinnias, and cannas. Last week I almost cut back the cannas but then decided to wait for the first frost. So like this red canna some of us are late bloomers. Against all odds, we bloom in divine time, not ours and bring sunshine in the rain.

Angelic blessings,