Thursday, November 19, 2009

Apple Sharing Time

I don't usually watch TV but the other night I saw a commercial for a vegetable chopper. It was simple. Put the fruit in the plastic box. Shut the lid. Presto! Neatly sliced fruit. Yesterday I had an apple in my jacket pocket. I put it there for a snack the day before and forgot about it. Elliot and I were out Christmas shopping and stopped for lunch at Subway. There's a favorite spot near the trees where we like to park and eat. After lunch, I opened the door to pour out the rest of my iced tea. Then I slammed the door shut. Crunch. I pulled the juicy apple out of my coat pocket. Somehow the car door sliced it right down the middle. What had been one was now two perfect halves. Who would have thought a car door could cut an apple like that!" I laughed, thinking of the fruit slicer on TV.

"Looks like the angels want us to share it," Elliot laughed.

Eating our golden delicious apple, we talked about how amazing the apple was cut so perfectly. What were the odds of it being in the right position in my pocket? And my jacket getting caught in the door while I was wearing it.

What happened seemed so deliberate that later I looked up apple in Nature-Speak by Ted Andrews. "Apple is a time for joyful giving; hidden knowledge, happiness and healing. In fact, apple was once considered an ideal Christmas treat. The apple tree is a loving giver, especially when treated with love and respect by humans. It thrives on human contact and teaches the power of sharing."

Angelic blessings,