Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Photo by Karen Hauck

Every time I experience synchronicity, I've felt an overwhelming feeling of Grace that came along with it. As Plato wrote, "First a shudder runs through you, and then the old awe steals over you." Synchronicity is the language of the Angels. Several months ago I had one of those amazing angelic moments. It all began in the fall of 2008 when I was having trouble walking. The condition appeared overnight and had stayed with me for several days. I could hobble around but it was quite painful in the groin and hip.

Early one Sunday evening, my husband, Elliot, and I went to a nearby shopping center for dinner. On our way home, I was suddenly inspired to ask him to drive by the Walmart Garden Center so I could see the flowers on display. Elliot drove extra slow so I could look out the car window as we cruised by. Among the mums I thought I saw a tall statue of Mother Mary. She seemed oddly out of place, but curiosity got the best of me and in spite of my hurt leg, I went inside to take a closer look.

A beautiful 45" statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe was there on a shelf among the potted flowers. In her presence the Garden Center had all the grace and quietude of a meditation garden. It was odd how this was the only statue outdoors. I looked up at her beautiful serene face. The strangest feeling came over me. She had caught my attention because she was meant for me.

Reluctantly, I looked at the price tag. A bargain at $50. Our budget was tight so we left the store without her. In the parking lot, my intuition was nudging me to just trust and go back and get her. Somehow she was part of my healing. Not being raised Catholic, it was funny how I had a strong connection with her. In high school whenever I had a close call, "Hail Mary, full of grace," were the first words out of my mouth. I didn't know it was the rosary until my Catholic friend told me after she almost ran into another car and I blurted it out.

Elliot agreed that the statue was important. So we decided to trust. At the check-out, we had our first miracle. She was a bargain on sale for $36! Smiling, we headed home with a precious passenger in the back seat.

We brought her into the house and put her in the bedroom. Her lifelike presence was gentle and loving. A sweet fragrance of flowers filled the air, but I told myself it was from a scented candle, not her. I felt a gentle healing occurring within me. In a few days, I could walk again without pain. When my friend Larraine heard about what happened, she wanted to gift us the statue as a belated house warming present.

Coming near the year anniversary of Our Lady's arrival, I placed her in the meditation garden where we could see her from the bedroom slider. She was only there a few weeks when I realized it was time to pass her along to another. I wasn't sure who.

About a month later, my son had a session with a gifted healer friend whom we hadn't seen in over ten years. Toni Ann came to our house for a visit, a reunion of souls. The subject of Mother Mary came up and I shared the story of our statue.

"Maybe you got my statue," she laughed. I couldn't believe it as I listened to her story. How she had called the same store looking for a Mother Mary statue, but when she came to pick it up, the cashier told her it was recently sold to a nice couple.

"Now, I know where she needs to go." I laughed as I hurried to get the statue from the bedroom. Toni Ann wept tears of joy. She had been in a devastating automobile accident years ago that left her physically handicapped. Before leaving the house with Our Lady of Guadalupe, Toni Ann gave me a beautiful blessing. I felt Mother Mary's presence fill my soul. Although the statue was no longer to be with me, the Divine Mother's loving energy was stronger than ever in my heart.

Angelic blessings,