Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Angel of Serenity

(The Angel Oracle by Ambika Wauters)

I was guided to draw an angel card for today. The Angel of Serenity is carrying the dove that symbolizes the serenity of life. Her message is, "I feel serene and tranquil when I accept who I Am. "

The selection of this beautiful angel brought a smile to my face. Yesterday I heard someone say something profound that struck me in a new light. The two main roots the ego uses to thwart us are INSECURITY and INFERIORITY. The two, in partnership, can breed a whole string of negative traits such as fear, guilt, hatred, and gluttony. Through prayer, meditation, and affirmations, we can destroy those false ideas that we feed so often by our thoughts, words, and actions.

I got to thinking how true it is that those twin roots often undermine our lives, trying to rob us of the joy of everyday living. Because if I really believed that I am made in the Image of God, then I would have no reason to ever feel inferior. And if I really believed that I can do all things as a co-creator with God, then I would not feel insecure, because I would fully live as if God was in me and all was well with my soul. Feelings of insecurity bring on all kinds of addictions, not to mention hoarding and clinging to our material stuff for security.

Praying to The Angel of Serenity opens us to receive God's love in our lives. It allows us to live in that secret place of the Most High, unshaken by difficult circumstances that may come our way. In truth, serenity is always there for us when we slow down and attune to God's Oneness.

With all the snow days the nation has had lately, it can be a beautiful time of reflection if we decide to make it so.

Angelic blessings,