Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Keep On DIgging

This morning when I opened my eyes from meditation, I saw a gray squirrel digging rigorously by the yellow pansies in my flower bed. Yellow is a color of divine faith. Snowflakes swirled around him as he kept on digging. Dirt flying, he dug and dug. Soon the hole was so deep only his hind legs were visible. It was a funny sight. I began to wonder if he knew what he was doing. But he paused from time to time to stand guard. With snowflakes drifting on his head, cautiously he looked right and left, before resuming his task.

His visit was so deliberate, practically under my nose, I knew he must be a messenger for me. I watched hopeful that he would find his treasure. I was beginning to think not. The digging continued for quite awhile. Then he popped up with a large black walnut. Delighted, he dashed for the apple tree to enjoy his victory. I thanked him for reminding me that perseverance pays off. Keep on digging, you'll get there was the message.

Angelic blessings,