Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Song is in the Air

(Artwork by www.doverprint.com)

Last night as I lay in bed listening to the pitter patter of raindrops on the roof, I heard the sweet sound of a bird singing in the dark. How could she sing in this weather? Not trusting my ears, I asked my husband, Elliot, if he heard the bird. It was true. My ears had not deceived me. I know there are many days and nights we could all use the robust spirit of that Nightingale.

Music is healing to the soul. One night I awoke from a dream with a familiar tune running through my mind. I hummed it to my sleepy husband, a songwriter. It sounded familiar to him. "Was it from Heidi?" I asked, surprising myself. He thought so.

We hadn't seen Shirley Temple in Heidi for over a year. Curious to name that tune, we watched it that night. The song in my dream was Heidi's song. A tune the young orphan sang when she first went to live with with her gruff grandfather, a hermit in the Swiss Alps. Rather than let his bad manners and foul disposition upset her, she went about her chores, singing La la la la la la lalala... It wasn't long before her grandfather began humming this happy song, too.

Heidi's Song kept running through my mind the next several weeks.

I got the message. Don't complain, just sing. Like sunshine, it was a fun, joyful way to stop others from raining on my parade.

Keep a song in your heart and enjoy the day.

Angel blessings,