Monday, February 22, 2010

Love is the Answer

When we moved into the cottage, a large ugly screw was on the kitchen cabinet wall. To hide it, we hung up these two Angels. Wherever the Angels are, they surround us with love. Recently one morning, sunlight shone through a window spotlighting the plaque. The Angels seemed to be saying, "Will you feel the light of our heart creating a beautiful pathway of love before you step out in the appearance world? Our Divine Love can help you meet every obstacle long before you come upon them."

I grabbed my camera to get a picture, but the flash went off illuminating everything. Love is always the answer. Often times when feeling unfairly treated, the problem sticks out like that big ugly screw only I can't see that the Angels have already surrounded it with love. It was in their hands. I was being reminded that the answer to every problem is unconditional love. I AM Unconditionally Loved by God and so is everyone else.

Angelic blessings,