Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Volunteer

Last night after praying in bed about a particular longstanding problem, I opened my eyes. My attention was drawn to a houseplant we adopted from a friend who moved to Colorado last year.
Something unusual was happening in that pot. A small pink bud was blooming.

Not trusting my eyes, I got out of bed to look closer.

Sure enough an impatien was about to bloom.

I blessed this little wild flower for being a messenger. To me it was symbolic of having patience. Not becoming impatient, but knowing everything blossoms on time. This little flower was seeded by the wind last summer. In the fall, when I brought the planter inside from the meditation garden, I had no idea a surprise was waiting for the right moment.

This morning that lone pink impatien was in full bloom, smiling in the pot. Out of nowhere, suddenly there was now colorful new life. But it really wasn't all of a sudden. Lots of effort had been exerted beneath the surface. Another good message to keep having faith.

I wanted to learn more about impatiens so I searched the web. To my surprise, it is symbolic of motherly love. In the medieval Mary gardens, devoted to the Virgin Mary, impatiens were viewed as "Our Lady' earrings."

A reminder to me to ask that my ears be consecrated to hear the still quiet Voice of the Holy Spirit and to recognize the calls for love that sometimes come disguised as harsh words.

Angelic blessings,