Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Scroll Delivery

Our friends Jim and Barb came for a visit over the 4th of July weekend. Saturday we visited Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. where they shopped in the bookstore, heard Elliot play the piano, and picked up a message for the day from the scroll bowl at the front desk. The bowl is filled with little excerpts from the Cayce readings that are each rolled and tied with a colorful ribbon.

On the 4th, as we were watching the fireworks on TV, our cat, Angel, meowed, coming into the room with a piece of paper in her mouth. When I pulled it out, she had this message on the scroll.
If ye would find self, look within. Know what is thine own ideal - spiritual, mental, material...
(Edgar Cayce Reading 3457-1)

My Search for God group had recently been working with the Chapter on What Is My Ideal. "The true ideal is the highest spiritual attainment to be reached on the material plane; hence, it follows that our ideal must be found in Christ, who is the Way."

"To think, to speak, to act from the consciousness of my divine self that I may be like Him, that I may do the things He said I could do, and help those who have not heard His voice--this is my ideal."

Messengers come in all forms. We laughed, thankful that Angel brought us a powerful reminder on Independence Day. The answers are within self. When we follow that guidance, we can truly be liberated from our egos.

Many blessings,