Sunday, July 11, 2010

Total Solar Eclipse, Deer and 1:01

Today the moon passes between the sun and the Earth and throws its shadow upon our planet's surface. Unfortunately, it will only be visible from Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean. This July 11 solar eclipse is the third summer in a row for such a celestial event.

To add to the specialness of the day, when I opened my eyes early this morning, the beautiful deer had returned. Standing still, like portrait by the apple tree. Last night before bed, I looked out the window wondering where she was. It had been a week since her last visit. Yesterday I carried buckets of fallen apples to the wood's edge where she usually makes her entrance.

Another unusual thing happened this morning. When I looked at the clock it was flashing 1:01 on the dresser. I looked up the meaning in Doreen Virtue's Healing with the Angels book where I discovered that 1's and 0's indicate:

"Powerful Divine guidance from God and the angels ask you to alter your thought. Perhaps you have been praying to be happier and healthier. If so, this is an answer to your prayers. God knows that the solution you seek is born within your thoughts. Ask God to guide the direction of your thoughts and support you during your time of transition."

I also thought about 101 as the basic course or beginner's course on a given subject. One of the ways to love God is by contemplating the wonders of nature. We can encounter God through nature, as the source and the power behind and within nature. Contemplation of nature is powerful. A verse in Psalms says: "The voice of the Lord is in the water, the voice of the Lord is in the earth."

Everything is on a mission. Nothing happens by chance. There is perfect order, perfect direction. Every event fits into a grand design. When we encounter God through the beauty of nature, we enter into a relationship with God, one on one.

Angelic blessings,