Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Lesson of the Lotus

On the way to the beach in Sandbridge, one catches a bit of Monet's paintings in nature this time of year. The inlet is abundant with beautiful yellow lotus pads. The lotus is the official flower of Virginia Beach. It is also known as the sea rose. In his book, Nature-Speak, Ted Andrews tells us that the lotus encourages greater spiritual openness. Higher knowledge is coming, and we should be open to it. It activates a higher sense of grace, harmony and synthesis in all areas of life. The lotus alerts us to a newer vision unfolding for us soon.

After a severe thunderstorm the other day, the skies cleared and I was ready to take a photo, but the blossoms were closed from the storm. Yesterday, the sun was out and once again these beautiful flowers were opening up to receive the blessings of a bright new vision.

Enjoy your day with the Angels,