Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Real You

I was guided to a wonderful source this morning. The Book of Healing by Joan Hodgson. Words give us strength and hold power. What she shares is timely and healing as we move through the challenges of our soul at this hour.

The real you is a radiant being perfect in the image of God, which has taken on a physical body in order to learn how to gain mastery over the physical atoms. This shining being, the real you, can at present only manifest in a very small degree through your waking consciousness. It is like someone learning to play a musical instrument, able to play the simple pieces. With greater practice and effort, however, the real you, the Christ you, will gradually gain complete mastery of the physical instrument and will sound notes and harmonies that you are at present unaware of. In other words, the real you will learn to use cells in the physical brain which now lie dormant, and bring radiant health and capacity for service.

It is difficult while facing physical pain and weariness, to hold fast to a positive image, for all the forces of gravity conspire to hold the spirit chained in matter, like a seed locked in frozen ground. Only knowledge and experience gives us faith during the long cold winter that the spring flowers are there in embryo, only waiting for the strength and warmth of the sun to come forth. Similarly, the real self, the shining over-soul of every human being knows that the warmth and power of the spiritual sun, the Christ, is there all the time, waiting to dissolve the ice of material-bound consciousness in which the human spirit is locked.

When sick, sad, anxious, weary or in constant pain, and it seems impossible to hold on to faith or even hope, the first step is to pray an earnest childlike prayer for light and understanding. Refuse to surrender to the pull of gravity, and pray for help that you may learn first to relax and then to rise in consciousness above the limitations of matter. This will enable the angels of healing to draw close.

And don't be tense or over enthusiastic in trying to demonstrate the supremacy of the Christ within--fierce fires soon burn themselves out. Instead keep a steady flame of faith, a quiet conviction that the in-dwelling Christ will manifest the perfection of spirit, of God, through the physical body, gently, slowly, cell by cell, day by day, as you quietly practice and draw upon the divine strength and energy within--the living flame, the Architect of your whole being.

Angelic blessings,