Thursday, July 8, 2010

What's it for?

(Portal on 66th Street to the Beach)

When we are faced with a new situation, the first question we need to ask is, "What is the divine purpose? Is this God's will for me?" If it is, we'll sense an inner peace because we can feel His Presence. A gentle but firm nudge moving us in that direction. Although it's a little scary to go into the unknown, we can trust God to provide everything we need each step of the way. The key is each step of the way. As we take the first step of faith, the next step opens up. Step by step we make the journey and something wonderful happens along the way. We begin to change from within and find ourselves opening up to seeing the world in a different way. The Holy Spirit gives us the gift of vision, seeing ourselves and everything around us through the lens of Love.

These times we are living in are times of radical change. The most important message from the Angels is Fear not. One of the biggest obstacles to following God is fear, simply because "you have not passed this way before." Don't let the feelings of fear hold you back. Stay close to Him and remember you are never alone. God has sent His Angels to be with you in all situations.

Many blessings,