Monday, August 9, 2010

Heart and Hands: An Angel Message

I couldn't sleep.  My poison ivy.  I  grabbed a book on healing and read that the Chinese believe that our hands are an extension of the Heart.  Since the Heart is considered to be the seat of the Mind, it is understandable that gentle and harmonious gestures would reflect a peaceful heart. Likewise, a disturbed Heart (Mind) would be the underlying cause of aggressive, agitated and uncontrolled hand movements.
I remembered how our hands are like angel wings. If you take your hands, palms down, thumbs together, fingers close together, and spread the thumb out, you can see they do resemble wings. (Pic)
I put my hands to loving use the next morning. I got up early and spread the birdseed.  I enjoyed watching them eat while I worked the pressure points on my hands. Suddenly, the garden became unusually still.  The birds and small animals quickly vanished.
Then I saw Junior, my Bambi. His antlers had grown taller. He stood by the old apple tree so I couldn't get a clear view of him. I caught glimpses of his mouth or his antlers as he appeared by the tree trunk. His presence is a lot like God's. You know He's always there, but you only catch a glimpse when you look.
In my morning meditation, I thought about the many ways to use my hands, without any thought of gratitude.
I opened my A Course in Miracles book at random. "The hand of Christ is all there is to hold. There is no journey but to walk with Him. ...Christ's hand holds all His brothers in Himself. He gives them vision for their sightless eyes, and sings to them of Heaven...He reaches through them, holding out His hand, that everyone may bless all living things and see their holiness."
I love that passage, "...that everyone may bless all living things and see their holiness."

Enjoy your day with the Angels,

Rae Karen