Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pay Attention to Detail

A mouse has been appearing this week. She is getting rather plump feeding on the bird seed. Her home is in the green shed in the meditation garden. This morning she was especially brave, coming out with the birds and the squirrels to eat her breakfast. A young female cardinal, a squirrel, and the mouse were enjoying the seed. Seeing them close and together in a row. Elliot said, "That would make a great picture. They're all different yet all One."

Did I really want to take a picture of a mouse? I thought to myself. Mouse is taboo, even though they are intelligent and a member of the rodent family, like a cute chipmunk or a rascally squirrel--but a mouse? I felt bad for discriminating against this little creature made by God like all the rest. The mouse is holy because the Light of God is within her, too. I thought about races of people persecuted in the past because they came into the world wearing a different "costume".

I watched as the mouse innocently nibbled on the seed, not knowing she was different from the others. Her needs were the same. Water, food, shelter, a haven in the storm. I tried to see her with the eyes of love. "I love you with the love of the Christ," I said, remembering a lesson in The Christ Highway. But that subtle uneasy feeling in my solar plexus stayed, maybe stirring a feeling of not being true to myself in fear of being judged. After all, I've been tossing out seed for quite some time now, catching a glimpse of her, now and then.

Then I remembered Mickey, the Disney icon inspired by a mouse in Walt Disney's "shed" of a studio. That mouse brought the whole idea of The Magic Kingdom into existence just by peeking out, taking a risk, and being who he really is. There are so many expressions that define a mouse--timid as a mouse, quiet as a mouse. My own character traits at times. So this little creature of God gave me a lot of food for thought this morning. And as mouse often teaches, pay attention to detail--take a closer look. And so I did.

"Surrounding me is all life that God created in His Love. It calls to me in every heartbeat and in every breath; in every action and in every thought." (A Course in Miracles)

Angelic blessings,