Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Archangel Michael at the Threshhold

These are times of radical change, letting go of the old to embrace the new. It takes courage to move forward in a new direction, but help is a constant companion. I love the symbolism of this artistry...Archangel Michael stands guard at the threshhold of a new doorway. His protection and guidance are available to every seeker on the path. Sometimes he is called the Archangel of Change. When we find ourselves willing to be in the world as an agent for change, which of course begins with us, and spreads to others, it is Archangel Michael who wields his sword of blue flame, cutting away the fear and guilt, that often attempt to hold us back from new beginnings. He will serve as a guide and bring us to victory.

His name means "Who is like unto God." Any fears or reservations that are holding you back from your good, ask Archangel Michael for help and then watch what happens.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Peace be with you.