Monday, April 9, 2012

The Floral Apostles

Holy Week begins with palms and ends with lilies. Flowers are often apostles for me. On Saturday afternoon I saw a wonderful sign of the resurrection energy. This little flower caught my eye. It was blooming in a cement crack on the patio. Having pushed its way up into the sunlight of a new day, I was surprised to see it. A messenger for me that out of nothing suddenly comes something in the most hopeless situations. What is needed is just a little willingness... to keep pushing upward... and to leave the details to God. Although it may appear we are in a tight spot with no place to grow...don't give up hope. Everything necessary is already within us and at the right time we'll have a tremendous breakthrough.

The lotus was another floral messenger that day, teaching the same lesson. Although the water level at the lake had receded from the drought, there is enough to bloom in the muddy waters.
Both flowers were yellow, the color symbolizing faith.
The Zohar teaches, each flower has its angel, whispering, GROW! GROW! GROW!
Enjoy your day with the Angels.