Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Coming Up for Air...

Manatee at Blue Springs

Sometimes we need to take a breather, to come up for air, and see things from a different perspective. To look our fears in the face and not let them have any power over us. By choosing to see things differently, it's often surprising to find the answer was there all the while, waiting for us to "look up". Angels are good at gently nudging to come up higher in our thoughts. When life gets hard and we feel alone and overwhelmed, take a breath, still your mind. Breathe and allow the presence of Divine Love to enfold you in gentle understanding.

Our ego would have us condemned, steeped in guilt, for wrong choices. But in truth there is no right or wrong, only lessons to be learned. Made in the image and likeness of God, our identity is one of perfection. Nothing we can do or say can improve on that perfection. Likewise, nothing we can do or say can lessen our worth. The goal is to awaken from a dream that we could be separated from the Love of God.

Today we give gratitude for knowing that God goes with us wherever we are. Where we are, God is.

Many blessings,