Friday, April 6, 2012

A Question of Timing...

(International exhibition of Skydivers)

Angel cloud wings

Timing is everything... not only up in the air...but on the ground. Last weekend here in DeLand, we hurried to see the international skydivers exhibition in action. They represented many countries from around the world, but when we arrived the first day, the event was over. All the participants were lounging around, resting on benches and in tents. The energy clearly said it was all over. There was no schedule so we went back home.

The next morning we were guided to get up early and drive over to the field. What excitement to watch 11 planes each carrying 20 divers make a formation high in the sky. A simultaneous jump forming several rings, it took patience and accuracy to get everyone positioned. The clouds often covered the view, but we kept our eyes looking upward. It was a beautiful morning and the clouds were like white angel wings holding the space.

Before long, we watched as the sky filled with a cluster of colorful dots, like confetti sprinkling down from the heavens. A celebration of life.

The event was a good metaphor for me. When nudged to do something, don't procrastinate like we did the first day. And sometimes we have to wait for the clouds to disburse before we see the big picture.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.