Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Emotion on the Water

Not to far from home, you can rent a kayak and explore the Saint Johns River.  I had to smile when I first saw their logo ...emotion.  You definitely want to keep your emotions under control on the river.  To stand up and rock the boat could possibly mean a cool dip with the gators.

 Our emotions are like the tides in our life.  Strong reactions stir up big waves that continue to swell before we can get a grip on whatever's triggering them.  While at  other times, our emotions are balanced and serene so much so we can enjoy the reflections in the still waters.  The shape and color of these kayaks at Blue Springs served as a reminder to me that I'm not to let my emotions drive me bananas.

A strong reaction to any situation is a sure sign that I am thinking with my ego mind, and to choose again. The angels tell us that everything that comes into our life is teaching a lesson.  With loving acceptance and no judgment, we learn that what we bless with gratitude improves.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.