Saturday, October 11, 2014

An Angel Message on Remorse

                                                (Artwork:Wikimedia Commons)

When asking the angels what to blog about today, I was surprised when "remorse" was the word that came to mind.  I wanted a different message, one more uplifting.  Out of curiosity, I looked up the definition in the dictionary:   act of biting again; a gnawing distress arising from a sense of guilt for past wrongs; self-reproach.

The act of biting reminds me of chewing and re-chewing our old issues, not willing to let the past be what it was, a blessing that brought us to where we are today.  Sometimes the ego will bite us again with some event from the past, trying to offset our day.  The angels point out how useless to fret over yesterday.  No one who journeys here can escape the lessons they have come to learn.  Our past is all about learning, understanding that each circumstance, if we choose to let it, can be a step up higher on the ladder of consciousness. God never changed His Mind about us; we are created in His image and likeness, a spiritual spark of Divinity.

Today is a brand new beginning.  The angels encourage us to let go of all remorse.  Do not delay, or it will cast a shadow over the dawn of  a new day to be filled with joy.  Begin anew with fresh eyes, see everything and everyone with the lens of divine love.  You'll see what you invite, and, so you get to choose if your day will be happy or filled with fear.

The angels want us to know that our thoughts and actions are important, so choose wisely as they affect the whole.  It is said that when a butterfly flaps its wings, that energy flows thousands of miles away.  So it is with us, everything we think or do extends and multiplies outwardly.  A silent blessing or thought of love toward others is the positive vibration experienced throughout the cosmos.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,