Friday, August 10, 2012

Angelic Flower Message

This beautiful plant was a $6 bargain several years ago.  Her heart shaped leaves grew steadily and she would occasionally surprise me with a blossom or two, also shaped like a heart. At the time I didn't think of her as a love plant.  Even her pretty pink is the color of the heart chakra. When we moved last December,  I didn't want to leave her in Virginia.  And the moving company couldn't take plants across state lines, so I had no choice but to unpot her, along with some other plants, and pack them gently in a plastic bag, hoping for the best as we loaded the car.

Several days later, when we arrived at our new home, I unpacked the bedraggled plants and put them in new pots.  Recently, I noticed how much she'd grown in her favorite spot on the front porch. I counted nine blossoms  opened wide!  Her long pistils, like antennas, giving and receiving love. I am love, she seemed to say. 

I could see she was an angel messenger for me.  I was having trouble opening my heart fully in a situation.    My teabag this morning reminded me of her.  "Wherever you go, go with all of your heart."

Enjoy your day with the angels and remember you are Love.