Sunday, August 5, 2012

Angels of Spontaneity

                                                     (Angel at Fountain of Youth in Saint Augustine, Florida)
Whenever I see an angel statue, I'm reminded that the presence of angels surround me.  Even though I can't see them with my physical eyes, I can pick up on the radiance of their love guiding me to listen and watch.   It's fun to be a messenger for the angels.  It happens the more I keep my mind open and follow their gentle nudges.  Recently on a trip to Saint Augustine, I was guided to purchase several guardian angel pins at a bookstore.  I didn't know exactly who they were for, but from past experience I knew I would know when it was needed. 

An opportunity came the next morning while we were having breakfast at a restaurant.  My attention was drawn to a vibrant young woman who suddenly began wiping away tears brimming from her eyes.  Sitting several tables down the aisle from us, I asked the angels to guide,  was she the one?  When I presented the little pin, telling her I thought her Guardian Angel wanted her to have this,  her face brightened up in both surprise and gratitude. 

We can each be an angel to someone in need by practicing random acts of kindness.  The angels whisper and when we follow their direction, a touch of heavenly love can help to chase the clouds away.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.