Monday, August 13, 2012

The Whooping Cranes

Sometimes it's good to find a quiet place in nature and unwind. Today we went to the lake.  Watching the serene water and feeling the gentle breeze was refreshing to my soul.  A clear beautiful vista away from the hum drum routine.  Sitting on the dock,  I began processing an issue out loud.  My  diatribe was suddenly interrupted by two long legged crane standing in the water not too far away.  They began whooping loudly in a raucous duet, with their red heads raised high, thoats warbling.

I got the picture. My quiet discussion was disturbing their peaceful environment!  I wasn't thinking on the bright side.  With the duo still whooping, three young ducks from under a nearby dock swam out, and formed a line by the whooping cranes. 

Laughing, I apologized and thanked them for the message:  Watch what you're putting out there.

Their teaching must have worked because later in the day when I started to move into a judgemental space, I remembered those sandhill cranes and sealed my lips.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.



This one was showing me her angel wings!