Friday, August 31, 2012

Angels on the Weather

Often when I ask for understanding on a certain topic, I'll be guided to the answer in the most subtle and natural way, just going about my day. This happened recently as a result of the hurricanes.  I wanted to know why certain areas keep getting pounded. It didn't seem quite fair.  Then last night, I pulled out a book, The Kingdom of the Shining Ones, written by Flower A. Newhouse, a gifted Christian mystic.  Having forgotten my question on the weather, I was looking up information on the nature angels, when I found Newhouse's guidance from the angels on catastrophes occurring on the physical plane:

"It is due to the fact that Nature Intelligences--who are answerable to either earth, air, fire, or water elements--have been offended by the sacrilege of irreverent human beings.  Theirs is not an attitude of punishment or retaliation, for they do not cause these disruptions.  They simply permit areas to be inwardly cleansed of the powers that have gathered so that the whole planet itself will not be destroyed.  This would happen were the monstrous forms allowed to accumulate and increase unimpeded without adequate dissipation through releasement." 

She goes on to say:  "If, in a certain area, danger of earthquake threatens its human citizens should together purify themselves of selfish, deceitfulness and hatred especially.  Hurricanes from the inner causative standpoint are believed to be the result of the tempers, prejudices, and greed energies of vast sections of people on the physical globe."

God is only Love. Let's pray for a shift in mass consciousness, around the world, so we can all wake up to our true Identity and bring heaven to earth. Thoughts are things.  Where our attention goes, the energy flows.  By inviting the angels to lift us above the emotional storms of our personal lives, we can help the transformation.  Also by spending a few moments each day in silent meditation, bathing the earth in the white light of Christ consciousness, amazing things can happen. 

Enjoy your day with the angels,