Saturday, September 8, 2012

Are We Listening to Angels?

(Artwork from Wikpedia Commons)

Angels are messengers of Divine Love.  Isn't it wonderful that God sends inspiration, guidance, and protection through the ideas that come into our consciousness from a higher state of being?  One  reason people often doubt the reality of angels is because they find it hard to believe that a heavenly visitor, wearing large wings, is hanging around, waiting to bring comfort and direction.  While there are many cases of humans actually having an experience of seeing an angel, more often than not, this wondrous angelic presence goes unnoticed because angels are not material, they are spiritual. 

Angel messages are accessible 24/7, but we must unhook from the distractions of this world long enough to still our mind and really listen.  What ideas come to mind?  Usually we will get a nudge or a push that we need to take some sort of action. It may not seem to have anything to do with our current concern. But when we follow through, the results become apparent that we are being led by wisdom far greater than we can understand.  This divine wisdom is within us.  Edgar Cayce explained in his readings, that we are each an angel, never having left the consciousness (the throne of grace and mercy).  Our goal is to reunite with the sacred part of ourselves, that Angel untouched by the perceptions of this world.

The world is a confusing place, but there is perfection in the seeming chaos.  Whatever we are dealing with is perfect for the growth of our soul, no matter how much we resist that idea.  So the best thing to do is accept the challenge with gratitude, and then listen for higher guidance as to why the lesson and how to heal it.  It takes work, but life becomes smoother when we do.  Divine Love solves every problem.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.