Monday, September 17, 2012

You Hold The Key

Several days ago, I watched light particles fall like rain outside my window.  The earth is being showered by the coronal mass injections from the sun.  It doesn't sound poetic, but the energy is very transformational, so much so that lately I often feel like I'm in a molecule jumbo, in the process of becoming something new and different, but not yet discernible as to what that might look like. 

Recently I saw a little snippet in meditation where my physical body was shaped like a key stuck in a keyhole to a door to another realm.  Half in and half out, it wasn't a comfortable feeling.  I laughed at the idea because  it made sense.  I was leaving the old, having gotten the key into the hole, but waiting for the next step. Elliot, my husband, told me to just turn the key and pop open the door. 

"If  I'm the key, I'm not sure how that's supposed to work" I laughed.  "I need help--and that's where I believe my angel friends come in." I told him.

I'd forgotten all of this, enjoying a weekend visit from my girl friend from Virginia.  This morning I was drawn to a new angel book I'd bought on sale at the library last Thursday.  I had to smile when I opened it to a section:   You Hold The Key. 

The book makes an important point.  We get to decide how much we want to open our hearts to the angels.  The key is to ask them for assistance with goals we hope to achieve. The more service-oriented the goal, the better for everyone during this time of fast paced change.

So if you're feeling a little out of sorts, just know that you are a work in progress and get ready for a wonderful new change.  We thank the angels for helping us to accelerate our spiritual development.



P.S. After taking many pictures of  keys and keyholes, the angels guided me to an old clipart book, The Ultimate Angel Book, where I finally found the right image for this blog.  (I was sorry I hadn't asked for their help earlier.)