Saturday, September 29, 2012

Happy Michaelmas Day!

First moonflower bloomed this morning!
In celebration of the Feast of Saint Michaelmas Day, the nature angels honored our garden with a beautiful white moonflower.  I don't usually go outside first thing, but I was guided to this morning.  I was so surprised.  I saw an unusual large white flower had bloomed on a vine during the night.  The full moon is this evening so it is a double gift.

I'd bought a packet of moonflower seeds in the spring, but nothing happened for the longest time, just a short spindly vine growing on the trellis by the birdbath.  Disappointed, I turned my back, forgetting all about them. Another lesson in surrendering.  But here she is, a little shriveled in the light, but beautiful with her heart shaped leaves.

The message is a good one.  Something may seem like a lost cause, but don't get discouraged.  It will bloom in a little light at the right time if we just do our part and then let go.

Curious, I read about the symbolism in a dream book.  Moonflower vine exemplifies the bountiful spreading of a singular spiritual deed.  Mine or someone else's, it really doesn't matter.  It happened!

Today we thank Archangel Michael and all the Angels, particularly those who are appointed as guardians of mankind for all their love, guidance, and protection.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Blessings, Karen