Wednesday, September 26, 2012

On Wings of Upward Thought

Wood carved Angel from
This angel wisely points upward, a reminder to keep our thoughts on High.  His face, radiant; his eyes, understanding. He knows the answer to every problem.  Love more.  Fear less.  It is not easy for us to be in a physical body so closely tethered to the earth's materiality and the  convincing misperceptions of our five senses. 

Conviction is needed.  The belief in things unseen.   We have been taught to look for the negative instead of the good in this world of judgment.  What we focus on, we draw into our experience.  Worry, doubt, anxiety, and guilt block the flow of divine inspiration.  By keeping our thoughts on upward wings, we are subject to God's law of Love rather than mortal mind's ideas of fear and separation.  An opportunity is available to bring a touch of heaven into each of our relationships  if we look for the Light in everyone and keep an open heart.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.