Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Choosing Again...

Photo from the web
I had an experience over the weekend that put me to the test.  The past week, the weather has been pleasant and it's a treat to sit on the patio and look out on the meditation garden.  Thick  heart-shaped vines have grown abundantly over the summer, canvassing the fence at the back of the lot, adding both privacy and a strong presence of nature spirits. I really loved the view.

On Saturday, my neighbor who lives behind us, was working in her yard. The angels prompted me to share a book with her.  There was a little opening in the vines where we could speak. She was busy pruning a bush on her side of the fence, but stopped and gratefully accepted the gift.

I came back inside, feeling good for following through on guidance.  A few hours later when I looked out again, I was in shock. She'd trimmed down most all of the vines at the back of the fence. 

It hurt my heart, but I knew that I had a choice.  In the past, I might have boiled over but I realized that I could either come from love or fear.  The vines would eventually grow back in the spring.  She'd done it so we could more easily converse over the fence.

 If all things work together for good, except in the ego's judgment (A Course in Miracles) then it must apply to affronts that could lead to seeming separation.  That's what fences are all about.  It's kind of funny because I'd been praying to have all the walls I've built to stop the flow of Divine love to me and me to others be removed.  According to A Course in Miracles, everything is either Love or a call for Love.

The Angels help us stay in the light and love of God's true Thought.  That's what I like about the statue in this picture.  Clouds swirl around her but her head is in the light.  Angels can shield us from every negative thought we may try to entertain.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.