Monday, November 7, 2016

The Man Who Talks With The Flowers

Dr. George Washington Carver (photo from Washington Daily News)

The Angels deliver messages in subtle ways. Sometimes we may find ourselves tuning in to a  TV program just in time to discover a book we are ready to read.  

That happened several years ago when a Christian talk show was discussing a fascinating book. I caught the title The Man Who Talks With The Flowers. Who was this man? Imagine my surprise that a brilliant scientist, Dr. George Washington Carver, the famous botanist who discovered the many uses for the peanut, as well as many other outstanding contributions was such a man. 

I'll admit I was relieved to learn that a gifted well known scientist could talk with the flowers.

A quote in the book gave me great hope:

"Dr. Carver said, "Last night as I rode to the auditorium I was holding a little white flower in my hand all the way, and in the silence while we rode, I was talking to it and it was talking to me. It told me some wonderful things. And the flowers have never failed to tell me the truth. It told me that there is going to be a great spiritual awakening in the world, and it is going to come from people up here, from people connected with you and me, from plain, simple people who know--not merely believe--but actually know that God answers prayer.

"It is going to be a great revival of Christianity, not a revival of religion. We can have religion and still have wars. But this is to be a revival of true Christianity. It is going to rise from the layman, from men who are going about their work and putting God into what they do, from men who believe in prayer, and who want to make God real to mankind."

Ihe intimate life story of Dr. George Washington Carver gives insight into his genius as well as his spiritual connection to nature that revealed many secrets to him. 

Glenn Clark's wonderful book about his spiritual friend, Dr. George Washington Carver, The Man Who Talks With the Flowers, can be found at and also on Amazon.

Enjoy your day with the Angels and look for quiet time to reflect on nature and the beauty that surrounds you.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen