Monday, July 3, 2017

Inspiration of Mont Saint Michel: Angel Message

(Photo from Wikimedia Commons of Mont Saint Michel, France )

When I first saw the spirals of Mont Saint Michel
rising up as if out of nowhere, it looked like a
mirage.  I got goosebumps.
                               --TOM MORRIS
                                  Disney Imagineer for European Park

Many years ago, while at the library, the  Angels put my hands on an over-sized book of illustrations. Leafing through Walt Disney's Imagineering, A Behind the Dreams Look at Making the Magic Real, I  found the spark illustrating the birth of a dream on the colorful pages.

What a surprise to discover a link between Archangel Michael and the inspiration for a castle at the European Disney Park.  Tom Morris, Disney Imagineer, had sketched a proposal for a fanciful castle that was inspired by his visit to Mont Saint Michel in France (above) as well as the Sleeping Beauty styling of Eyvind Earle.

That's how the Angels of Creativity work.  They guide us to places and things that fire up our imagination and bring it down to earth.

                    "Get a good idea and stay with it.
                     Dog it and work at it until it's
                      done, and done right."
                                       --WALT DISNEY

Disney's mode of operation in his own words: 

"We call them gag sessions.
We get in there and toss
ideas around.  And we throw
them in and put all the minds
together and come up with
something and say a little
prayer and open it and hope
it will go."

So many wonderful ideas can come to mind to add more joy and love to our world.   If we just stay focused, do our best, then say a little prayer, and leave the rest to God, wonderful things can happen! 

Enjoy your day with the Angels!

 Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen