Saturday, October 7, 2023

Wings of Light: An Angel Message

The angels make their presence known by sharing God's love with us and pointing out things we may overlook...little love notes along the path.   
This morning at the local market, a Willow Tree figurine, called Free Spirit, was added to my collection. I believe the purpose of life is to discover our true spirit (Self) and live it to the fullest.
Then back at home, an angel nudge brought to light and older angel blog with a perfect poem to convey the point. 

"Whenever your mind wanders in the maze of myriad worldly thoughts, 
patiently lead it back to remembrance of the indwelling Lord.  
In time you will find Him ever with you--a God who talks with you
in your own language, a God whose face peeps at you from every flower
and shrub and blade of grass.  Then you shall say:  'I am free! 
I am clothed in the gossamer of Spirit; I fly from earth to heaven 
on wings of light.'  And what joy will consume your being."
                                                       --Paramahansa Yogananda
                                                        (WHERE THERE IS LIGHT)
To make a final point, this giant ornate pencil, another little treasure from the Market, brought to mind Mother Teresa's words.  "I am but a small pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world."

Remember you are never alone on this journey. "God has given his angels charge over you to guide you in all your ways."  (Psalm 91)  Celebrate your life today by being fully present to all the wonderful things around you, and share the love by being you. 

Love, peace, and joy,

Rae Karen