Thursday, October 12, 2023

Love Always Makes A Way: An Angel Message

Angels may use whatever we've got to teach us lessons on love, joy, peace and harmony.  Sometimes the most unlikely objects can become tools of transformation and renewal if we let them.

In that vein, something unusual happened yesterday, out-of-the-blue.  

Let me back pedal...  Years ago, I picked up a couple of Smurfs at a yard sale. A cute long-haired female with a happy orange flower.  And, her mate, a gardener Smurf holding a brown shovel with a red cardinal on it.  Being a nature lover, they spoke to my heart, and also filled a need for a memory of happier times.  

Back in the early 80's, my young son had collected Smurfs.  These whimsical small, blue, fictional humanoid creatures who lived in mushroom-shaped homes in the woods.  Their iconic Phrygian white caps represented freedom during the modern era. 

Last month, in a Fall letting-go mood, I cleaned out the house, with bags of stuff to donate.  The books went to the public library book store, and knickknacks to a local angel thrift.

A few weeks ago, while at the library book store, I was in for a surprise. The little blue Smurfette was standing alone on display, atop a bookcase. She looked so bright and sunny, yet oddly out of place for sale with a few holiday ornaments. I wondered how she ended up there?! Maybe I accidentally dropped her in a bag of book donations?  Rather than buy her back, guidance was to let it be as it is.  

Our next several trips to the library, I was curious, would she still be waiting? But there she was, brightening up the book store like a ray of sunshine.     

Then, a few days ago, while visiting the library, she was missing.  I wished I held on to her, but kept it quietly to myself.    

Now, this is where the story gets a little squirrel-ly... 

Yesterday morning, searching high and low for my missing garden shears, I opened a shallow, deep drawer on the counter, but no luck. Quickly I moved on in a hurry, leaving the drawer ajar.  Elliot came along, and tried to shut the drawer.  He had to yank it twice, rattling the contents, before he discovered the problem.  

He reached inside and grabbed the obstacle. 

Time stood still and I could hardly believe it! 

My little smiley faced Smurfette! I held her in my hand, as if finding a long lost friend. What were the odds?  She had disappeared from the library shelf and ended up in my drawer at home. 

Then, it dawned on me, the whole big beautiful idea. What I thought I had lost was with me all the time.  A sudden mist of tears caught me off-guard. And, here's the thing...  These vintage blue Smurfs are a rare find these days, over forty years later.  I'll admit it felt like the touch of an angel played a hand in the reunion.

Now, the search was on for her mate, the gardener Smurf.  I hoped I hadn't let him go.  The little red cardinal on his shovel was a reminder of a comforting saying: When a cardinal appears, a departed loved one is near.   A quick search, he popped up, holding his shovel, looking as smitten as ever with his flower gal beside him again.  Now the happy couple is back together on the kitchen windowsill. A wonderful reminder ... that Love is never lost.  Love always makes a way. 


Love and peace,


Rae Karen