Friday, October 6, 2023

Safe Passages: Angel Messages

Have you noticed how sometimes an angel lesson is unfolding as you go about your dailies?  This week we met up with turtles and a tortoise in need of a yield.   Since tortoise won the race with the hare, slow and steady is the message to victory. Also a reminder that Unseen Help is standing by to lend a helping hand so don't give up and be fooled by appearances.  Love will make a way. 

Not once, or twice, but three times in one afternoon these ancient shelled travelers appeared before us on the road. A repeated lesson on safe passage, making sure we got it.  
The first encounter was near the bend in the road by the lake. A big black freshwater turtle had unwisely chosen to stop and lie down, with only a few yards to go to cross over to the lake. Tired and weary, I had compassion for this strong swimmer, who was not made to be a road runner. 

From a distance, it seemed we arrived too late, flattened, and motionless it laid up ahead.  
But as our car approached, life stirred, as we cheered him to get going again.  That did it. He raised up and lumbered toward the lake, in a safe passage to his watery destination. A chain-link fence separates the road from the lake and I worried.  How would he navigate?  But, angels make a way, and these shelled reptiles have a long history; they existed for 220 million years.  A friendly herd, sometimes they stack up like dinner plates, one on top the other, on a narrow log, to share the sunshine. 

A lesson on safe passages was beginning to unwind. While waiting in the the car for Elliot to run an errand at the country store, I noticed the towering golden rain trees dancing on the breeze in their gowns of yellow blossoms.  Swaying to and fro in a blue sky, the only touch of autumn in Florida.
Feeling peace, my eyes were suddenly drawn to a large jeweled grasshopper-like insect called a lubber. Lubbers love to eat flowers.  Out in the road, almost safely to the other side, a  shiny orange Mustang pulled out of the parking lot, almost crushing the lubber.  A narrow escape... divine timing was at work. A glimpse of the unlabored motion of divine love in action, moving in harmony.
Heading home, back in the neighborhood, a large dusty gopher tortoise was crossing the entrance road, heading toward greener pastures.  We stopped the car and yielded, watching it munch on the grassy patch by the road. Again, all about timing...
Later I paused to reflect in gratitude for the many ways I've been helped and had a safe passage, a narrow escape.  I'm so thankful for the angel messages from nature. Love will make a way.  Trust.  The best is yet to be.
By the way, the old winged cherub still rides a turtle's back by the front door.   Weathered over the years, it still speaks boldly. A wonderful reminder that we, too, travel with our guardian angel.   "For he shall give his angels charge over you, to guard you in all yours ways."  (Psalm 91:11)   Slow and steady wins the race.  Step by step, enjoy the journey.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

 (web photo - freshwater turtle)