Saturday, October 14, 2023

Turkey Blessings: Angel Message

With all the sadness in the world today, I had a sudden boost of spirit this morning.   Returning home from the grocery store, what a surprise to find a flock of wild turkeys pecking around the front yard.  Seven.  The number of completion and perfection. 

The timing of their visitation was amazing. Yesterday the turkeys crossed my mind, sadly thinking they were gone for good now that the back woods is under heavy construction.  But against all odds, the happy brood returned.  Big, beautiful, young feathered harbingers of thanksgiving and gratitude.   A sign that there is more going on than meets the physical eye, so keep the faith, and give thanks for everything. 

I ran inside the house, grabbed my camera, and stood at the living room window to look out, so as not to frighten the skittish birds away.  LOL. One  turkey was especially close to the window, standing in a clay flower pot!  That was a first!  Maybe a signal to keep my feet planted in good soil and to keep growing toward the light to bloom. 

The turkey, sometimes called the earth eagle, is a of symbol of all the blessings that the Earth contains, along with the ability to use them to their greatest advantage.  A wonderful reminder that we are here to be a blessing, and to give thanks for all the Unseen Heavenly Help, physically out of sight, but certainly not unnoticed.  The best is yet to be.  

Peace and love,


Rae Karen

Turkey ref: Animal-Speak, Ted Andrews