Monday, April 16, 2018

Blue Skies: An Angel Message

Skydive DeLand Observation Deck

To break out of a rut a few Sundays ago, an angel message came to head for The Perfect Spot at Skydive DeLand for lunch.  The parking area was jammed with cars parked on the overflow grassy areas.  A sign that the restaurant was packed.

Finding a narrow space, we parked off the road and decided to check it out.   To our surprise, the  restaurant was almost empty.  All of the action was up in the air! Skydivers!   Out of the blue colorful chutes of  international skydivers zipped by the skyward window, landing one right after another in a steady stream.  Imagine an airplane 10,000 feet up, and suddenly the door opens, and you take a leap into space, free free falling at 140 mph. through friendly blue skies.    

While watching the show, to add to the exuberance, Telstar, the oldie by The Tornados, blasted through the air waves.  It climbed to Number 1 on Billboard in 1962, inspired by the first communications satellite, Telstar, that NASA had launched. After an exciting lunch, we sat on the observation deck. A group of yet-to-be expert jumpers were practicing on skateboards intricate formations to perform up there.

I talked to a mother eagerly watching for her two daughters to make their debut.  The girls had gone together on the crowded plane, each jumping with a pro, in celebration of their birthdays. Transcending fear, takes a big leap into the unknown at times, letting things land where they might.

It seemed to be a mother/daughter day.  As another family watched their teen exit off the field.  The mother was crying.  "You're really crying," the daughter said, somewhat embarrassed. Mom smiled, as she wiped her eyes.  "I'm so proud of you.  This is a big deal. You did it!"  

Later she told me that her daughter is timid and afraid of everything.   "I wanted her to have this win."  Although Mom offered to suit up and jump with her, her daughter admitted,  "I need to do this for myself.   I need to own it, otherwise it won't count."

That was a wonderful message for me to take home.  We all need help, but the final act is up to us. The good news is that we are never truly alone; there is unseen Help from the angels and our Higher Self. All we have to do is ask.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy a trip back to the 60's with Telstar. CLICK  

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen