Monday, April 30, 2018

Doing the Impossible: An Angel Message

The angels deliver inspiring messages often in surprising and delightful ways.  Whatever we value can be turned into a teaching tool to raise our mental altitude and bolster our faith.  

The universe was joyfully creative last week. A handmade postcard arrived in my mailbox all the way from Hamburg, Germany.  I smiled at the amazing delivery.  Against all odds, the international postcrossing mail got through! My street address had been peeled away by the postal machinery! 

Even better, I loved the double message portrayed in the perfect photo by my new German friend.  The bee has been a long time symbol of accomplishing the impossible!  And so it did, creating quite a buzz in my mailbox!   For a long time, scientists couldn't figure out how a bee could fly with such tiny wings and a big body. It was aerodynamically incorrect.  Turns out, the secret lies in the accelerated speed in which they move their wings.  

And, like this creative postcard, the bee is also a reminder to extract the honey of life while the sun shines.

If you're reading this, the angel message is for you.  Keep on having faith. More is going on than meets the eye.  So accelerate your wing speed to fulfill your dreams...all things are possible with God.  

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen