Monday, April 23, 2018

Stay in the Light: An Angel Message

FROG in the Light
You may remember the angel blog last week about a little tree frog that appeared on the outer window ledge after dark.  While writing at my desk by that window, I felt something crawl down my back. Jumping up, and shaking my shirt, a bug fell out on the living room floor. 

Well, Saturday evening after listening to the Miracles Distribution Center's weekly meeting on fully relying on God, inspiration came to check the window by my desk.  Maybe the tree frog had come back. Not really expecting to see him, I gave it a go.  Looking out in the dark at the high window ledge, there was no sign of a frog.

You can't make these things happen.  I told myself.

To my surprise, an angel thought came:  Turn on the desk lamp, then maybe he will stop by for dinner. 

With the desk lamp shining bright, illuminating the windowsill, I sat down on the sofa, and was soon absorbed in reading The Sentinel, a spiritual magazine.

Sometime later, an angel thought nudged, Go check on the little frog. 

There he was, back on the ledge.  The light had worked!

Thank goodness, the camera flash didn't go off, because I could clearly see the lamp's reflection on the window pane, along with the little frog patiently waiting by the feet of the angel.  (See photo.)

 I got the message once more, so it would really sink in:  Stay in the light, and Fully Rely on God.  Angels help to take care of any pestilence that may appear at your window, but you must keep your spiritual light turned on. I knew this is done by prayer, mediation, and staying fully present in each now moment.

Another heartfelt message from nature happened the next day, Sunday.  I kept on hearing, Go to Tuesday Morning.  I wasn't in a shopping mode, but the nudge persisted. Dodging rain drops, Elliot and I entered the store.  By the door, a happy trio of tall standing beach frogs clad in bathing suits greeted us. Frogs galore!  We laughed at the synchronicity.

Another display captured the recent frog theme at our window so clearly.  The winking garden gnome bending down to draw closer to a little green frog whispering,  Fully Rely On God, the acronym for F.R.O.G.  At least that's my own interpretation. (See photo below.)

I love it!  Angels always deliver, their joyful timing brings a smile to our hearts. What blesses one, is a blessing for all.

Enjoy your day with the Angels, and remember to Fully Rely On God. (F.R.O.G.)  It's fun to pay attention to the messages that may come your way today.  Expectancy is the key.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen