Monday, April 2, 2018

Tickets, Please: An Angel Message

Early this morning, the moon caught my eye when I opened the curtains on the porch to look out at the beautiful red and white petunias.  There it was, glowing, a perfect circle, above our neighbor's house across the street. As I gazed up, I could make out the contrasts on its surface. That's how bright it was. A large gray cloud hung beside it, but didn't block the light of the full moon. Spellbound, I watched a silvery jet plane reflect a red stripe across its top, slowly passing by the round face of the radiant moon. 

 I called out to Elliot.  The morning moon usually comes dressed in opaque, milky white. He thought this shiny clear one was a good omen.

Funny thing, about ten minutes later, I returned to the porch for another look, but there was no trace that it had ever made an appearance.  Cloud cover.  If I hadn't opened the curtains at the right time, we would have missed the wonderful light show.

Life is like that when guided by the Holy Spirit -- we're at the right place at the most optimum time for both our good as well as others.  A divine timing syncs up the good, for good is everywhere, all the time if we stay vigilant, expecting it.  What if I sniffed it out like a bloodhound on a hot trail, pursuing it wholeheartedly.  By not giving up and keeping at it,  I would be the reward, the angels whisper.  That's how simple it is.  I realize it's really up to me, what I keep track of -- the good, the bad, or the ugly.

I'm going to conduct a little experiment by watching for a week, looking only for the good and nothing else.  Shutting pessimistic forecasts and woeful news off my radar, zeroing in on the good only.  Good comes mostly in small, simple ways, touches of love that largely go unnoticed or unappreciated, but that doesn't stop the steady flow.  It's the blaring, jarring, negativity that steals the show and leads the parade down the main street of my mind, if I let it.  But I'm reminded that I am the director of my life's movie as I get to decide what acts come into the theater.

Tickets, please.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen