Tuesday, May 15, 2018

A Special Delivery: An Angel Message

Angel signs from nature can come in all shapes and sizes -- two legged, four legged, feathery, creepy, or crawly-- the message deliberately wends its way to us at the right hour.

Heavy rains yesterday soaked the garden and drenched the trees making everything green and lush.  Early evening, we grabbed a quick meal at the neighborhood pizza restaurant.  A package was to be delivered. A gift Elliot ordered for my birthday.

When we returned home, the long awaited present had been tucked under an azalea bush by the front door. Excited, I sat on the couch with the camera box in my lap.  While reading a mandatory mailing label on lithium batteries, a sudden gush of cold slime oozed down my bare arm!

Quickly, I looked down, in confusion!  Had the batteries leaked? 

What happened next wasn't a pretty picture... 

LOL! A large, gray, gooey slug, about two inches long, was clinging to my right arm!

GET IT OFF!!  GET IT OFF OF ME! I shuddered, not not wanting to touch the cold rubbery thing. 

Elliot gently removed him.  It's a good message, he said.   I stared at the little messenger with more compassion, from a distance, hoping he was okay. Both antennas were intact.

Slugs are all muscle and have no need of a hard shell for protection. Elliot escorted our special delivery outdoors where he could continue making his own trail.

Slugs, hardly attractive...usually invoke a message of laziness.  But, as I later learned, they are important symbols:  Take your time, attach to what priorities are important to you, and let go of all your old outworn patterns.   Although these creatures cannot see shapes and colors, they silently and slowly move toward the light.  Slugs represent higher vision.  Keep moving toward the light.  And be true to yourself, the path will open up along the way, inch by inch.  Everything you need is within you.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen