Friday, May 11, 2018

The Deer: An Angel Message

Yesterday afternoon, Elliot and I took an afternoon ride to Lakes of DeLand.  A peaceful residential neighborhood that has a glistening view of rippled waters. Having celebrated my birthday the day before, I was restless to get moving on a new trail.  But the waters were still, no motion, and so a spontaneous ride to the lake seemed like an angel message.

I have never seen a deer in Florida in the seven years we've lived here. What a surprise to see this one turn up out of the blue, across the grassy field.  I'd just mentioned angels when this tawny young deer appeared at the edge of the woods!  Staring our way, as still as a picture, I wondered if it could be a decorative lawn statue.  But that thought brought a cute little swish of her tail.  I thanked her for coming out in the open. Deer symbolize gently being guided on a new adventure.  Just what I longed for.

Without the "angelic" inspiration to look in that direction, I would have missed her.   I sat in the car, with the window rolled down, to capture this rare moment on my phone.  Our eyes seemed to lock in a long, loving gaze that transcended time and space.

At home, I looked up the meaning of deer in Animal Messengers by Regula Meyer:

"If you encounter a deer, it wants to advise you to approach your life with precision but without pursuing rigid goals.  Turn over the guidance of your life exclusively to your higher self and follow its impulses with a great deal of dynamic energy.  There are certain times for certain steps in your life...  In May and June the deer announces a new beginning.  It tells you to examine yourself, to become conscious of your strength, and find a loving, gentle way to express that strength.  Tone down your affections a little; perhaps they are burying your natural dignity.  Quietly stand by your gentle and caring sides, work on yourself and on what is important to you, and allow yourself to be affectionate."

Synchronicity was at play, too,  as earlier I'd found a deer card, while sifting through an old stash of greeting cards.

"Toward calm
and shady places
I am walking on the Earth.
     --Ojibwa Song
Enjoy your day with the angels and look for loving messages from nature.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

(Whitetail Running card by  Carol Snow