Monday, December 30, 2019

Rain to Rainbow: An Angel Message

With the angels on-board, sometimes you may find yourself heading out in one direction, then by mistake, you take a wrong turn. Only in hindsight, do you understand that the wrong turn ended up being exactly the right turn in the long run.   There are no accidents or mistakes in the divine plan.      

That's what happened on Sunday afternoon.   Elliot and I were on a leisurely outing to visit our donkey friend at the rural orchid farm.   Taking an unfamiliar route to our destination, at the intersection, we weren't sure which way to turn on Route 11.  Asking the angels for help, we turned left and five miles down the rural two-lane highway, we realized our mistake.  We should have made a right to visit the donkey.

With nowhere to turn around, Elliot smiled and said, "I guess we're going to St. Augustine."

"Really!"  I clapped, thrilled by his spontaneity--usually the trip is overnight, and here we were on our way to my favorite place on earth, with no luggage.   Unexpected joyful tears of gratitude sprang up as I settled down to soak up the panoramic view of nature outside my window.  Towering pine tree forests hug both sides of the road.  Healing energy sustains a serene long stretch of nature, untouched by any sign of commercialism.  This wonderfully slow-paced rural route speaks to a simpler time.  Herds of brown and black cattle graze in green grassy fields;  huge metal grain silos dot the landscape; an old windmill spins round, and there are a sprinkle of houses, here and there.  It's a great stress reliever as you watch the expansive scenery go by.

I couldn't believe it!  I grinned.  We were going to St. Augustine on a whim!  A lone hawk soared overhead, guiding the way.  Doubts came as dark clouds began to form; rain was in the forecast. But we were on an adventure, expecting the best.

The rain held off on the hour's drive, with an occasional break in the clouds, to reveal a blue sky.  I couldn't wait to return to my favorite old city, God's City.

Approaching St. Augustine city limits, the sky suddenly opened up, dumping down heavy rain.  Amid the soft flapping of windshield wipers, I loudly affirmed, (with a touch of false bravado):  We're going to see a rainbow!  

Traffic was moving as the rain pelted Ponce de Leon Boulevard in the Old Historic District. Now that we were almost at the Mission de Numbres, we couldn't let the weather dampen our spirits.  At least, we had an umbrella.

A bend in the road brought a wonder that seemed to good to be true.

Was there really a BIG colorful rainbow arching the road ahead?!

With the cellphone camera, I snapped away,  hoping to dodge the fast wiper blades, and capture the rainbow to share with you.  It was far better than finding any pot of gold.

By the time we arrived at the Mission, the sky was clearing, with only a drizzle.   I stood under an old oak and got this rainbow photo.

Rainbow at  Mission  12/29/19

Before long, the sun came out and we had a beautiful afternoon in prayer and meditation on the grounds by the inlet.  At the end of the day, an angel nudged to return home.  The guidance was good.

The return trip home was smooth, with little traffic through the pines.  Nearing our hometown, a small spiral rainbow appeared in the sky! We laughed, thanking the angels for the guidance-- rainbows in our going out, and in our coming in.  It had been a long time since we'd seen a rainbow.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.  Feel free to step out of the box, and have an adventure.  The more spontaneous, the greater the blessings can be when you invite the angels to join you.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen