Monday, December 16, 2019

Christmas Messages of Light: Angels

Our feisty feline, Hei-Hei, played a role in my finding an unexpected angel message this morning. A big rainbow radiating across the face of Christ Jesus!

 Around 10 a.m., the cat and I were enjoying a fast-moving game of Hide and Seek.  On the run, I flew down the hallway, and hid behind the bedroom door.

That quick raccoon-tailed cat, with those bright shiny eyes, found me right away...

And, the chase was on again.

Making tracks through the dining room, I caught sight of something unusual.

A bright colorful rainbow! 

It was shining on the Christ.  (A photo from a gift shop in California many years ago.)

The sunlight had created the beautiful bow, reflecting off of a sun-catcher hanging in the dining room window.

I stopped to take a look.  The rainbow Christ, the tall simple wood statue of the Virgin Mary, and the evergreen tree on the mantle all spoke of the mystery of Christmas.  I was so thankful to see it.

And, just as quickly as it appeared, the sunlight soon shifted-- the rainbow now only a memory, but the message not to be forgotten.  God's promise to all of His Children.  God is Love.  Let there be Light.

How are the angels speaking to you today? 

(Hei-Hei in the Light early this morning)

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen