Friday, December 6, 2019

The Best Gift of Christmas: An Angel Message

Early one morning, feeling the call of the Christmas Spirit, the holiday decorations were hauled down from the attic, and my son and I got busy trimming the tree.  It wasn't long before Hei-Hei decided to help out. 

Hei-Hei, the Tree Trimmer

Crystal-like, orbed angels, too big for the tree, were hung in the living room window, on each side of the fireplace.  To our surprise, when the sun warmed up, the angels were beaming a joyful blessing.  A colorful splash of rainbows sparkled, dancing around the room!   

At noon, the angelic light show got even better.  

A colorful rainbow had landed on the tall Angel statue.  Its choice of location, unique.  An iris for an iris, I laughed. (Iris was once a word used to describe a rainbow.)  The large rainbow rested on the angel's left eye for quite a while.  Then faded away, leaving a powerful message of gratitude. 

 To keep thine eye so filled with light as to only reflect God's Love.

Later that day, Elliot and I stopped by a second-hand shop in town. Browsing through the Christmas decorations, my eye caught sight of this antique serving tray. It reminded me of an old-fashioned Christmas, a simpler time. I almost didn't buy it, but there was an inner feeling not to let it go.  I wasn't sure why.

At home, a closer look revealed how this Santa Claus was prepared to deliver the true Spirit of Christmas.  I saw how his big burlap backpack was overflowing with an abundance of little red hearts as he towered far above the forest of snow laced evergreen trees. Filled with a joyful Spirit, this  white bearded Santa, reached out with his arms opened wide to embrace all.  He was ready to deliver the best Christmas gift of all, to all. The gift of  LOVE.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen