Monday, November 9, 2020

Unfolding Like An Amaryllis: An Angel Message

Amaryllis bulbs have always been a favorite at this time of the year.  Several weeks ago, while shopping for flowers, a large skid filled with boxes of red amaryllis caught my eye.  Why not gift our friends with an amaryllis to brighten their holidays.  In a hurry, I was so taken by the red lion amaryllis blooming on the box, I missed the word BULB KIT.    

Back at home, I stored the boxes in the laundry room, planning to deliver them in December.  This morning, an angel thought suggested,  open one up and take a look inside.  I was glad that I listened.  

The plastic pot inside had instructions.  Yep, it was a kit.  A dry soil patty had to be soaked in a container.  But to my dismay, the large flower bulb looked more like a rotted onion.  A white stem peeked out of the brown bulb head, in need of light. Reminiscent of making mud pies, I began stirring the soaking dirt patty until it turned to pliable soil, just moist enough to do the job. My kitchen had all the ambiance of a laboratory experiment gone awry, but it was fun. 

While working the dirt, I got to thinking about faith.  That unattractive bulb didn't look like it had any potential on the outside.  It could never reach its potential as a radiant flower unless it was planted in soil and received light, warmth, and water to grow to maturity.  I could see that like the unfolding amaryllis bulb, our individual spiritual completeness unfolds gradually and effortlessly. We blossom through spiritual understanding, impelled by the support of God's warm embracing love, and the sustaining power of His living waters.  

Our spiritual growth isn't something outside of us that we need to acquire, rather it already is within each of us to be a perfect complete expression of God's Love.  

Now that the first amaryllis bulb was tucked in loamy pot in the sunlight, inspiration came to give the other two bulbs a helping hand.      

Later, I looked up the symbolism.  In the Victorian Age, the symbol of the amaryllis was, "success after a struggle"  or "a  job well done".  When gifted to an artist, it was a way to encourage creativity.  

I'm so thankful that the angels are here to give us a helping hand.  They love, comfort, guide and protect, eager for us to become all God intended us to be.   

Love and peace,


Rae Karen