Friday, November 27, 2020

The Gift of the Moon: An Angel Message

Sometimes an angel comes so close that you can feel a slight brush of her wings touching your heart in the dark.  I had one of those moments last Friday night.  Unable to get to sleep, my emotions were churning, and my stomach was heavy.  I tiptoed out in the living room to rest on the old floral sofa by the window.

For some reason, I found myself facing west rather than east like I usually do.  A creature of habit, I found it odd.  Stretched out on the comfy sofa, the wisdom of that choice soon became apparent. A cloud lifted, and a bright yellow light shone through the treetops in the pasture. The last time I'd seen the moon she was crescent-shaped, hanging like a fingernail in the sky. Lately time has been elusive but I knew a sliver of the moon couldn't be a bright yellow light.  Watching the sky, I said prayers, and before long the light grew brighter.  Then, there she was-- my old friend, Bella Luna, shining like a big golden smile in the dark!  A half-moon full of radiant light    What it appeared to be an angel message to not despair during these dark times, but to have faith and keep on trusting that there is more than you can know at present.  

The next morning, what a surprise, to stumble upon The Moon Fairy by David Delamare, at the local farmers' market.   A comforting keepsake of the healing presence of the angels, and the message not lose faith in the dark.      

We thank the angels for their tireless devotion to help humanity accelerate our spiritual growth.  The best is yet to come.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen