Monday, November 2, 2020

More Tortoises: An Angel Message

 Last week, while eating lunch in the sun-room, I looked up in time to catch sight of  what appeared to be a large domed shell steadily moving out in the sun-lit pasture.   Seeing Timothy the gopher tortoise was just the boost needed at the moment.  His hollow under the tree had been quiet all summer, and we wondered if our good neighbor had moved to greener pastures.  With the field recently mowed short, he can cover his territory more freely now.  Later that afternoon, to my delight, another large tortoise appeared at the same time as Timothy.   They were about the same size, and each one was diligently going about their own business in opposite directions, but co-existing in peace.

Tortoise is a symbol of taking things slow and steady under pressure.  Right now there are a multitude of pressures we're all dealing with here on earth. Many opportunities that can bring a gift of spiritual growth if we choose to learn from the lessons that are presented.  They force us to come up higher in consciousness and reveal a part of us that is eternal, and untouched by anything external. 

More tortoise energy was in the air.  On Saturday, at the farmers' market in town, BIG BOY, the 20-year gopher tortoise, was there with his mate, Prasilia.  They enjoyed a lunch of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, in the company of curious admirers.  

With all the tortoise energy to share, I looked up the meaning once more. "Pressures are easing, and although movement is slow, it is steady.  Things will happen in the time and manner best for you.  Focus on essentials."

Unseen help is with us, the human race, even though not visible one can experience the loving influence of angelic presence in the midst of our darkest trials.  Love will find a way. 

With love and blessings,

Rae Karen

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