Wednesday, November 4, 2020

A Starry Surprise: An Angel Message

Outside the living window this morning, I was surprised by an unusual sight. In a star cluster of rich pink blossoms, a perky little pentas seedling greeted me.  Somehow the brave little volunteer had bloomed in a rocky place--between the gray landscaping boulders.  Pink is the color of divine love.   Her joyful countenance beckoned me outside into the fresh cool air.  I marveled how the morning's warm rays lovingly touched the crown of her radiant pink stars.  Standing tall in the sunshine of a new day, the little pentas had made it ..against all odds.

 Upon closer inspection, I could see the rain-stained FAITH garden plaque had been part of the bigger picture.  Faith grows in a garden... 

And, these star clustered flowers make a perfect resting place for butterflies and bees, both symbols of doing the impossible.

I was thankful for the angel message to listen and trust...even in the tightest of circumstances, all things are possible with God.  So keep having faith...and stay in the Light.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen