Friday, November 6, 2020

The Eagle Landed: An Angel Message


This afternoon, while taking a break at the lake, Elliot and I were munching on pistachio nuts while sitting in the car.  For a minute, I couldn't believe my own eyes.  Was a bald eagle really flying over the lake?  Something I've never seen in all the years we've been coming to the lake. In that special moment, a breath  of expansive freedom rushed through me.  The majestic wingspan, white crowned head, and yellow beak, flying in our direction sure looked like a bald eagle, the symbol of America. 

A professional photographer was sitting by the lake, his high powered camera mounted on a tripod.  The magnificent bird flew by quickly, leaving room for doubt, and no time for me to get out my camera.  It all  happened so fast that soon it was out of sight.  Curious, we called out to the photographer, had it been an eagle?!

"Do you want to see it?" He offered.  Gladly we accepted the invitation.

So enjoy this peek at Keith Gardner's bald eagle. Isn't it beautiful?  The four-year old bald eagle had landed on the limb of a nearby tree, before taking flight again. It was a newcomer to him as well.  Keith has a wonderful portfolio of bird photos on Facebook. The one shown here of the eagle should be posted soon.

I looked up the symbolism of the eagle.  "Spirit vision and healing surround you.  Look at things from a new perspective.  Take a different path. Trust what you are becoming."   (Animal Speak, T. Andrews)

 The eagle had landed.  Prayers are needed for America to heal, and become one nation, under God, indivisible,with liberty and justice for all.  

Love and peace,

Rae Karen